As the physical body & emotions are healed, old stories are released, and new beliefs take root, the heart begins to whisper to us.

Kind Words from Clients:

I find my day goes so much better when I start with Qigong!

I really appreciated your calm and gentle demeanour and how you facilitated our introduction to Qigong.

I have found Qigong to be a practice that resonates for me, and I love your teaching style.

I enjoyed your introduction to this fascinating practice with its fluid movements and contemplative nature. You were easy to follow and informative on the significance of each movement.

a happy looking middle-aged woman

Thanks for the gift of your teaching. It helps to keep my life in balance.

You demonstrate things beautifully and following along was quite easy.

I appreciated your calm, relaxed style of instruction and will work on making Qigong part of my daily routine.