Kind Words from Clients:

I certainly enjoyed Jodie’s introduction to this fascinating practice with its fluid movements and contemplative nature. She was easy to follow and informative on the significance of each movement. I can see it contributing to my ability to focus, relax, regenerate and calm my mind. I will keep practicing.

Jodie has opened my eyes and energy wells to the positive effects of doing Qigong. She followed a well-organized step-by-step process, leading us through three flows (Power Center, Heart Center, and Wisdom Center) over 4 sessions. I appreciated her calm, relaxed style of instruction and will work on making it part of my daily routine.

I really appreciated Jodie's calm and gentle demeanour and how she facilitated our intro to Qigong.

The [Qigong] practice encourages mindfulness while aiding in myofascial release. I look forward to benefiting from regular practice!

Jodie Francis, a blonde, middle-aged, smiling woman wearing a pink patterned top

As the physical body & emotions are healed, old stories are released, and new beliefs take root, the heart begins to whisper to us.